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Video: AAS 233 // I ALMOST ruined it

9 Jan 2019, 14:20 UTC
Video: AAS 233 // I ALMOST ruined it
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Today I saw talks on stellar flares (woo!) contributed to a discussion about SETI/"Technosignatures" and the Astro 2020 Decadal Survey, and *very nearly* angered some of the people I admire most! I'm also thinking about careers, networking, jobs... all those life things that come up at each AAS meeting! This is the third of my daily vlogs from the 233rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held in beautiful Seattle in Jan 2019. All week I'll be showing talks, posters, swag, vendors, people, and trying to give a taste of what it's like to attend the largest annual professional astronomy meeting in the world! Be sure to subscribe for more great videos about being a professional astronomer! First Song: http://bit.ly/2R8kzhd Second Song: David Miner & Recording Candy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC514L6wOQJ_QFFz8mWYljPQ VLOG GEAR: Nikon D7500 Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 Takstar SGC-598 GorillaPod 5k #AAS233Be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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