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If We Assume

Stats from 1 Year of Vlogging

18 Dec 2018, 20:18 UTC
Stats from 1 Year of Vlogging
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With this week's short video I have finished 1 YEAR of my Astro Vlog project! That's 54 videos, 6h 14m 29s of content published since Dec 2017. Wow....Some other fun stats this year:In total my videos have gained ~21k minutes of play time, from ~7200 unique views.That's considerably lower than the traffic this website gets. Effectively If We Assume has been dormant (in the data-viz/exploration sense) for a couple years now. Note: I'm not abandoning this website, I'm just doing other projects like video right now! In its convalescence, ifweassume.com still gets a few hundred views a day on average (though much of it is automated/crawling)Going old-school If We Assume for a moment, I really like this summary visualization (from here) of my viewing stats for the Astro Vlog project.If you focus on the blue (Views per Video), it's probably fair (or optimistic) to call this "flat" at 50-100 views per video with a few outliers.If we look at the YouTube analytics of Total Channel Views per Week, it appears much flatter over time.Conclusion: My YouTube Channel is growing very slowly...And that's OK! Would I love tons of views? Of course. When The United States of Starbucks or Airports of ...

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