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Post launch updates on the JY1SAT and ESEO missions

14 Dec 2018, 14:28 UTC
Post launch updates on the JY1SAT and ESEO missions
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JY1SAT (JO-97) CubeSat
JY1SAT (JO-97) carrying the FUNcube-6 amateur radio transponder and ESEO with the FUNcube-4 transponder were launched on December 3, 2018.
JY1SAT – Although not finally confirmed, good tracking results are being obtained using the TLEs for object 2018-99AX / 43803, the 1200 bps BPSK telemetry beacon is on 145.840 MHz.
Commissioning of the spacecraft is continuing and there may be some changes to the operating modes over the next couple of weeks. Please continue to let the Data Warehouse have as much data as possible. In that regard, an updated version of the JY1SAT Dashboard (ver 1189) has just been released. This fixes a couple of buggettes relating to Doppler tracking over multiple orbits and the graph displays now no longer start at zero. This update v1189 JY1 Dashboard can be downloaded from https://download.funcube.org.uk/JY1Sat_Dashboard_v1189.msi
ESEO satellite in the anechoic chamber at the ESTEC test facilities, in the Netherlands
ESEO – In a similar manner to JY1SAT, the official confirmation has not been received, but the best TLEs are currently 2018-99AL / 43792. The 9600 bps downlink signal on 437.00 MHz is quite strong and reports and recordings are welcomed. Please continue to check the https://www.esa.int/Education/ESEO website for ...

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