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Space Cynic

Space Panties in a Bunch

23 Nov 2018, 20:28 UTC
Space Panties in a Bunch
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Et tu, NASA?
Have you succumbed to the political correctness run amok in the halls of our government?
Apparently, the answer is a sad “yes”.
This week’s Atlantic has a great essay on the latest lack of leadership chapter at NASA – the “we must dig into the leadership and culture at SpaceX” because, you know, Elon smoked a joint.
Maybe it’s just sour grapes because he was able to successfully build a REUSABLE launch vehicle (not that half-assed attempt known as the STS, aka “the Shuttle”)? Or maybe it’s because SLS is still just vapor while BFR is about to fly?
This, NASA, is what you get for hitching your wagon to aerospace dinosaurs who are happy to take contract money to sell you fancy powerpoint slides of VentureStars, SLS, and anything else you are dumb enough to keep paying for, much like Charlie Brown, a guy who so desperately wants to kick the ball he never learns…

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