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Uranus smells rotten

14 Sep 2018, 12:27 UTC
Uranus smells rotten
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Although we already knew that Uranus is probably one of the most hostile places for life in the Solar System, now we have one more reason not to travel to this planet: its smell. And is that a team of scientists has just shown that in the upper layers of the atmosphere of Uranium abounds hydrogen sulfide, a gas responsible for the classic smell of rotten eggs.The researchers, who publish their work in the journal Nature Astronomy, have discovered that this noxious gas swirls in the clouds of the giant planet. Although it was something that was suspected, nobody until now had been able to demonstrate the composition of these clusters.Why is it so difficult to study the composition of Uranus clouds? According to Leigh Fletcher, of the University of Leicester, when a layer of clouds is formed by condensation, the forming gas is trapped in an internal deposit at such low levels that it is very difficult to detect it by most of the instruments used up to now. "Only a small amount remains above the clouds in the form of saturated steam," explains the scientist.The discovery was possible thanks to the Gemini North telescope, located in Mauna Kea ...

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