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Cumbrian Sky

Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th 2018…

22 Jul 2018, 10:22 UTC
Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th 2018…
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Above: the lunar eclipse of September 2015 photographed from just outside Kendal
Ok everyone, please cross your fingers, toes and everything else for a clear sky this coming Friday evening so we can all enjoy watching a fascinating and beautiful astronomical event – a total eclipse of the Moon. It’s not scientifically important, it’s not a thing anyone will be studying as such, it’s just something cool to see in the sky. Best of all you won’t need a telescope or any other optical equipment to see it, your eyes will do just fine. So, please, cast your clackety runes, chant at the heavens, hug a tree or a crystal, do whatever you think might help to bring us good luck and good weather on Friday evening so we can enjoy one of the most eerie and beautiful sights in Nature – the Moon turning a strange shade of orange-red.
Why is it doing this? Because during the course of that evening the Moon will be slowly moving into, through and then back out of Earth’s shadow. When it is fully in the shadow the Moon will appear an orangey-red colour, which we call “totality”. Before and after totality we’ll ...

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