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12 Jul 2018, 05:51 UTC
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That's no Moonbase. . .that's a Space Station. Image credit: NASAAfter nearly two decades, I am no longer a resident of Flagstaff, Arizona. The movers loaded up a truck and transplanted us in the Phoenix, Arizona, area on 6 July, where the temperature topped out at 114° Fahrenheit. In the intervening days, we've had dust storms mixed with rain, as might occur, I suppose, on a Mars where terraforming at last is showing obvious results. Neither the high temperature nor the dust storms are typical of Flagstaff (nor, indeed, of any other place I have lived).That being said, this is familiar territory. My grandparents were snowbirds here, and my late wife's parents retired to nearby Tucson. That was the first place I met them. Also, Flagstaff and Phoenix are only about 100 miles apart, so I have visited many times.Flagstaff is at 7000 feet, while Phoenix is closer to 2000 feet. So, while Phoenix is desert and saguaro, Flagstaff is snowy mountains and ponderosa pine. I've always enjoyed that startling difference. High altitude meant noticeably lower air pressure in Flagstaff. One had to take it into account when opening food packages sealed closer to sea level. Failure to do so ...

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