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Drew Ex Machina

The Space Shuttle and the Dreams of a Ten Year Old

8 Jul 2018, 15:00 UTC
The Space Shuttle and the Dreams of a Ten Year Old
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A few years back I moved my home office/library into much more spacious accommodations in the finished basement of the house I owned at the time. During the course of the move I was able to reorganize my library and pull boxes of material out of storage that had not seen the light of day in years or sometimes even decades. These included what is now an entire bookcase full of old NASA publications, photographs, and reports, as well as clippings from newspapers and magazines going back over forty years when I was in elementary school.
Besides being astounded at the volume of material I managed to save when I was young (never mind having survived years of sometime less than ideal storage), I found much material I had forgotten I owned. Among my rediscovered finds was an article dated January 29, 1972, from a local newspaper I saved shortly after I turned ten years old. In some ways this particular article changed my life but it also reminded me of promises unfulfilled and opportunities lost.
A newspaper article from the author’s collection dated January 29, 1972 about the newly authorized Space Shuttle program.
The article was published about three ...

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