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Red Dots

Red Dots #2 starts July 8th, contributions welcome

8 Jul 2018, 12:52 UTC
Red Dots #2 starts July 8th, contributions welcome
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The analysis and papers from Red Dots #1 (2017 campaign) are progressing (a bit slower than anticipated), but science publications and results expected soon. In the meantime, Red Dots #2 starts today (July 8th) at HARPS/ESO. As before, we require quasi-simultaneous photometry covering as many nights as possible during the run.
Professional and pro-Am observations on small sized apertures proved very useful in interpreting the spectroscopic data and monitoring stellar activity during the previous Pale Red Dot and Red Dots #1 campaign. We also welcome contributions from pro-am or professional observers this time as well. Based on experience, the really meaningful datasets are those covering as long as possible chunks of time in a regular way (eg. 10 min of V band differential photometry per night over as many nights as possible, more than 45 highly desirable). We will post an AAVSO alert in short, but in the meantime let us introduce our new three targets

GJ 887 (Lacaille 9352) is the 10th starsystem near the Sun. It is a single early time red dwarf (spectral type M2V), and it is relatively bright. This makes easy to collect photons on the star (V mag = 7.4), but it makes a ...

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