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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

Chasing the Great Red Spot in July.

1 Jul 2018, 11:31 UTC
Chasing the Great Red Spot in July.
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Want to see the Great Red Spot this month..?There are many GRS transits throughout July, some are below the horizon, others are lost in the glare of daylight. I've kept the list to the ones that we, here in West Wales, have a good chance of seeing.Central Meridian Transits (GRS Mid Transit)1 Jul 2018 20:543 Jul 2018 22:325 Jul 2018 00:118 Jul 2018 21:4110 Jul 2018 23:1912 Jul 2018 00:5817 Jul 2018 00:0720 Jul 2018 21:3722 Jul 2018 23:1624 Jul 2018 00:5427 Jul 2018 22:2529 Jul 2018 00:04All times have had the an hour added to account for British Summer Time.Though the GRS is easier to see at Mid Transit, it can still be seen for at least fifty minutes each side of its mid transit position.Most reflector telescopes over 114mm aperture will reveal the GRS, my mini 90mm Maksutov telescope clearly shows the oval and reddish colour of the GRS.Good luck…Clear Skies Mark….

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