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Urban Astronomer

Podcast #30: Stellar Evolution and Nuclear Fusion

21 Jun 2018, 08:25 UTC
Podcast #30: Stellar Evolution and Nuclear Fusion
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Welcome to episode 30 of the Urban Astronomer Podcast. This week's episode features the 2nd part of our look at how stellar evolution can lead to a supernova explosion, inspired by listener requests to present more serious science and physics explainers. Last time we looked at the formation of a stellar nursery, so today we look inside that nursery at the birth of a new star.

For fans of the interviews with people who have some connection to astronomy in South Africa, the next episode will see a return to that format. Although our guest has no connection that I can find to South Africa, he is an ambassador for one of the more exciting NASA missions out there, and I think it's interesting enough to bend the rules a little!
A few months back, I announced a giveaway in which one of you would win a copy of Neville Young's book, Astronomy Within Reach. It turns out that the listeners of the Urban Astronomer Podcast are a small, exclusive crowd, and not many people wrote in to say they would like to win a copy. I'm pleased to announce that I was finally able to select a winner, ...

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