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Launch Report 2018-2 - MDRA ESL-239

17 Jun 2018, 00:12 UTC
Launch Report 2018-2 - MDRA ESL-239
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Location: Central Sod FarmWeather: mid-80's, wind 0-5, clearTotal flights: Today - 5; YTD - 14Total motors: Today - 6; YTD - 17Motors by class YTD: A-2, B-1, C-4, D-2, E-5, F-2, I-1This was a fantastic launch day with great weather and good company. The little wind we had was in the most favorable direction.Twice Removed from Yesterday on an I357-10 - JLCR@300' - Nice flight. My first successful application of the Chute Release on a big rocket. The Rocketman chute packs nice and small.Yarn Cone Nonami on an E12-4 - This little rocket went off our longest rail. It still struggled on the way up. Nice flight though.Higgs Rocket on a C11-3 - Drag race with Tom and Bob. I was last but didn't lose :)Art Applewhite Ring of Fire on two E9s - Nice flight!Hat of Death on an F15-0 - I gave up on the G74 and stuffed in the BP F. It got cheers from the crowd.All my photos are here.

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