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Centauri Dreams

SETI: An Alternate Strategy

14 May 2018, 16:47 UTC
SETI: An Alternate Strategy
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How would an advanced society communicate its history and values to the stars? Bill St. Arnaud argues that just as we can uncover our own history through careful analysis of archaeological sites, so SETI might uncover traces of ETI cultures in the form of signals that take advantage of natural geophysical processes. Read on for more on an idea Bill first broached in a Centauri Dreams post called Virtual Von Neumann Probes. A consultant and research engineer, Bill’s work has involved everything from charging methods for electric vehicles to next generation Internet networks. But his interest in SETI continues to mesh with his expertise in networking in this examination of a novel way to speak from the deep past.
by Bill St. Arnaud

To date most SETI research has focused on the assumption that an advanced extra- terrestrial society will want to “communicate” with similar beings throughout the universe. But it is my belief that given the vast distances and time that communication via a “communications channel” even if it is one way, such as optical or radio frequency transmissions will be impractical.
Current SETI searches assume that an advanced civilization will use extremely powerful omni-directional transmitters or highly directional ...

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