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Chasing New Horizons

26 Apr 2018, 17:55 UTC
Chasing New Horizons
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The Spacecraft Is Doing Well
Every week, the New Horizons spacecraft sends back a little signal that it’s still alive and kicking, even as it snoozes its way toward its next target. It’s a “green light” signal and every time it shows up, the NH team, as well as its fans around the world, breathe easy. They know that all’s well out in the Kuiper Belt. Later this year, New Horizons will ‘wake up’ and start operations for the next target. It’s on the way out to Ultima Thule, the next (and probably final) flyby on its tour of the Belt. That’ll happen on the last day of December into January 1, 2019. We’re all hoping the data return will be spectacular.
Reading Up on the Mission
Chasing New Horizons is a new book about the Pluto mission and its backstory. Courtesy Picador Books.
The story of New Horizons has played out in the public eye ever since the first of the “best images” of Pluto made it back from the spacecraft in 2015. However, the human side of the New Horizons mission is a lesser-known story. That’s all about to change with the release on May 1st of the ...

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