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Centauri Dreams

Identifying the Sun’s Siblings

19 Apr 2018, 14:17 UTC
Identifying the Sun’s Siblings European Space Agency & NASA Acknowledgements: Davide De Martin (ESA/Hubble) and Edward W. Olszewski (University of Arizona, USA)

With TESS going into a 60-day period of calibration and testing, I’ll turn this morning to a different kind of survey. GALAH is an acronym for Galactic Archaeology, a term I’ve generally associated with so-called Dysonian SETI, where data is mined in a search for signs of advanced engineering or any anomalies that could signify an extraterrestrial civilization at work. But GALAH has a different object: It has examined some 340,000 stars enroute to 1 million.

A just published paper on GALAH states the goal succinctly:

The overarching goal of the GALAH survey is to acquire high-resolution spectra of a million stars for chemical tagging, in order to investigate the assembly history of the Galaxy.

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