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Another Close Asteroid Call

16 Apr 2018, 18:02 UTC
Another Close Asteroid Call
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Hey Space Placers!Read all about the close call we had by an asteroid this weekend that we discovered only hours before it flew by by just over 119,000 miles. This asteroid was 3 to 6 times larger than Chelyabinsk which hit Earth on 2/15/13.Spaceweather.com in its 4/16/18 posting placed 2018 GE3 in the 48-110 meter range which makes it A Tunguska size asteroid - Tunguska wiped out 80 million trees over 800 square miles in Tunguska on 6/30/1908.Once again we are reminded that space rocks are all around us and we need to step up our efforts to detect them and build a defense system.Sky Guy in VA

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