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Women in Astronomy

AASWomen Newsletter for March 16, 2018

16 Mar 2018, 18:00 UTC
AASWomen Newsletter for March 16, 2018
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AAS Committee on the Status of WomenIssue of March 16, 2018eds: Nicolle Zellner, Heather Flewelling, Christina Thomas, and Maria PattersonThis week's issues:1. Autism Isn't the Problem 2. Science — without the mansplaining3. Same Course, Different Ratings 4. Female researchers publish childcare recommendations for conference organizers5. Watch: Female Astronauts Speak About Women in STEM 6. Senior female scientist dropout rate causing concern 7. How to Submit to the AASWomen Newsletter8. How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to the AASWomen Newsletter9. Access to Past Issues of the AASWomen Newsletter------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Autism Isn't the ProblemFrom: Pat Knezek via womeninastronomy.blogspot.comThe below post was written by a contributor who wishes to use the pseudonym ExUngueLeam. As a woman with Asperger’s, I have the dubious of honor of regularly fielding a particular set of questions about harassment and bullying in academia. These questions usually go something like: "If a colleague or student of mine is on the autism spectrum, and they are bullying or harassing someone, don't I need to accommodate for that? If I hold them accountable for their bad behavior, isn't that... ableist?"Read more athttp://womeninastronomy.blogspot.com/2018/03/autism-isnt-problem.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Science — without the mansplaining From: Megan Watzke [mwatzke_at_cfa.harvard.edu]It’s been a rough year or so if you are a ...

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