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Dr. Stephen Hawking has Rejoined the Cosmos

14 Mar 2018, 04:53 UTC
Dr. Stephen Hawking has Rejoined the Cosmos
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Fly Free, Prof. Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking aboard a “Vomit Comet” flight in 2007. Courtesy Zero Gravity Corporation.
The world will miss the tenacity and brilliant intellect of Dr. Stephen Hawking, who died at the 76 today. We need more thinkers like him—men and women who can explore the universe with their minds and communicate what they know to the rest of us. He never pretended to have all the answers, but he was relentless in pursuit of knowledge.
Mark and I met Stephen Hawking at an event in Utah some years ago. It was very memorable, particularly the part where he got to play in a flight simulator at Evans & Sutherland. He was grinning like a kid with a huge bag of candy when he came out of the sim. My favorite memory of him.
The day before he flew in the sim, he gave a talk at an arena in SLC. To herald his arrival on stage, they played the segment from Star Trek: The Next Generation when Stephen was playing poker Data and other famous scientists in the Holodeck. As that segment ended, the lights were flashing on stage and Stephen wheeled himself on stage to ...

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