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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

Unfriended of the stars of late.

13 Mar 2018, 11:43 UTC
Unfriended of the stars of late.
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"Some nights have been wholly unfriended of the stars of late".Joseph H. Elgie author of "The stars night by night".Of late the nights of Pembrokeshire have definitely been "unfriended" of stars!Between the mist, rain and snow blizzards, astronomy has taken a back seat this past month or so.But never mind, tonight looked perfect for stargazing. Several of the Little Bear stars were on show, a welcome sign of a possible good nights viewing.Maksutov 90mm/f13.8 CatadioptricIt was time to take out the little 90mm Maksutov.As big bright Orion was well placed ,first light in the viewfinder went to the uppermost star in Orion's Belt Mintaka, a lovely white primary with a slightly bluish secondary. The trapezium's four stars next, all perfectly round shining white, not a hint of flare or fuzziness.Rigel's secondary was difficult to locate tonight, but it was possible to pick out its obvious blue tint.Next Messier 44 the beehive or in Latin Preasepe. With a 40mm plossl all looks bright and clear. Though as is often the case the Beehive to my mind always shows its best in binoculars.Over then to Leo, and one of my favourite doubles Algeiba. A yellow primary with a green/yellow secondary. Though sometimes ...

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