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New Horizons and Thoughts on the Tesla Test Launch

16 Feb 2018, 20:14 UTC
New Horizons and Thoughts on the Tesla Test Launch
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This December 2017 false-color image of KBO 2012 HE85 is, for now, one of the farthest from Earth ever captured by a spacecraft. Courtesy: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute
Between outer solar system exploration and the flight of the Tesla, space news has been interesting this week. There was another green light signal from the New Horizons mission on Monday as the spacecraft gets ever closer to its next target 2014 MU69. As of Valentine’s Day, it was 400 million kilometers away from this little world. It will fly by the target on December 31, 2018, a special kind of planetary science New Year’s celebration.
A few days earlier, the NH team released images of two Kuiper Belt objects that it spotted on its way to 2014 MU069. They were taken from a point farther out than any other spacecraft or telescope has ever imaged the universe from, and represent a big milestone for discovery in the Kuiper Belt. They also extend our view of this distant region, adding to the excitement of exploration “out there”.
The Flight of Tesla and Starman:
Chattering Classes Chatter
Starman orbiting Earth in the Tesla before it left for points beyond. ...

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