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Astro Bob

Valentine’s Day Sunrise Surprise

14 Feb 2018, 21:32 UTC
Valentine’s Day Sunrise Surprise
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Inversion layers in lower atmosphere distort the sun into fantastical shapes at sunrise this morning (Feb. 14) over Lake Superior in Duluth. Bob King
Before I gave my wife a Valentine’s Day card and gift, even before she awoke, I got up and drove to a clear spot to watch and photograph the sunrise. Along the way, my heart sank as I came to see that low clouds and haze muddied the horizon. I almost turned back.
Despite the mistiness, the sun appeared right on time though only a moment later it lost its top! A thin layer peeled off and evaporated into thin air. Several other slices did the same, but of course the sun held together through those atmospheric indignities. For a time, layers of stratified air created a series of notches or steps on either side of the solar disk.
The photos show these layers, each one unique with a different temperature and density and stacked one atop the other noodles in a tasty lasagna. The sun’s appearance changed almost second by second as it ascended through the stack until it finally climbed high enough to settle down and round out.
How far one away you can ...

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