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Fifteen Years

14 Feb 2018, 13:56 UTC
Fifteen Years
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Two weeks ago, I participated in the NASA Remembrance Day and lessons learned activities which happen every year around February 1. I believe it is very important to remember Dick Scobee, Gus Grissom, and Rick Husband and their crews; to remind ourselves of their sacrifice and what we need to do to safeguard future space travelers. But this post is not about those brave crews or the lessons should remember.
What really blew me away was the realization that fifteen years have passed since the loss of Columbia and her crew. It seems like yesterday.
Isn’t that what all the old folks say; it seems like just yesterday.
That tragedy sparked changes in my professional life that I had neither foreseen nor desired. Reviewing the events in my life over the past fifteen years brings so much to mind: being selected to leadership roles in the Space Shuttle Program, working feverishly to fix the problems, change the culture, and get flying again, making sure that the program would operate safely – or rather, more safely – all that in just the first five years. Changing jobs inside NASA to build partnerships with other organizations, supporting the President’s commission to plan ...

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