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Falcon Heavy – The Day After

7 Feb 2018, 11:49 UTC
Falcon Heavy – The Day After
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Well, he did it. Elon Musk launched his huge Falcon Heavy rocket yesterday evening – after multiple delays due to problems with wind (stop sniggering in the back there, I meant wind in the upper atmosphere, not his own, for pity’s sake…!). Looking back on it this morning it all seems bit bizarre, and I imagine lots of people are asking themselves this morning “Did I really see that? Did that really happen?” Well, yes, you did, and yes, it did.
Oh, and yes, you really did see a red sports car floating in space, with the Earth shining blue and white behind it. We’ll come back to that…
Falcon Heavy was scheduled to launch at 6.30pm UK time, and following the build-up to the launch through the day on social media, and watching the TV news, felt a bit like the build-up before a big sports event, or even a Royal Wedding, as people arrived at the Cape, set up cameras, got themselves into their viewing positions etc. It was great fun following people on Facebook and Twitter who had gone to watch the launch in Florida, it really felt like I was there with them – when in ...

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