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Tesla to Mars Orbit

6 Feb 2018, 22:03 UTC
Tesla to Mars Orbit
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On the Wings of 27 Merlins
SpaceX’s star traveler in the Tesla on the way to Mars orbit. Courtesy SpaceX.
There’s a Tesla car on its way to Mars orbit today. It’s carrying a space suit in the driver’s seat, a copy of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” in the glove box, and playing David Bowie music. It’s making people laugh and cry and feel hopeful about space access. How cool is that!
Doing something like this takes a lot of audacity, dreaming, and very hard work to do what SpaceX just did this afternoon. Their Falcon Heavy may not be exactly like the Saturn V or the Ariane rockets or the space shuttle, but it showed that we CAN move space access ahead. And, it can be done with a bit of flair and a sense of humor. I like it.
Achieving STEAM with a Tesla
After launching Falcon Heavy and its Tesla payload into space, two of the three boosters came back to land. Courtesy SpaceX.
I’ve often thought about how intricate it is that SpaceX (and Blue Origin) have managed soft landings of their boosters. It used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now, it’s ...

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