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2018 Maneuvers, Past and Future

29 Jan 2018, 23:09 UTC
2018 Maneuvers, Past and Future
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SDO ran a number of maneuvers during January 2018. Science data may be unavailable or blurry on days when a maneuver is run. During eclipse season the Earth blocks the Sun for up to 72 minutes each day around 0700 UTC (2:00 am ET). This is also midnight Mountain Time, the timezone of the SDO ground station. 01/03/18: RWA Jitter Test Successful: Instruments reported no blurring in images; ISS performance looked reasonable. 01/17/18: EVE Cruciform Successfully Executed 01/24/18: HMI roll, starting at 1500 UTC (10:00 am ET) 02/10/18: Spring 2018 Eclipse Season Begins 02/14/18: Stationkeeping Maneuver #16 (2234 UTC, 5:34 pm ET) 03/05/18: Spring 2018 Eclipse Season Ends Above is a movie in AIA 171 Å showing the effects of the EVE Cruciform on January 17, 2018. During the HMI Roll the Sun appears to rotate.

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