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Ask Ethan: What Does The Future Of Science Look Like?

20 Jan 2018, 15:01 UTC
Ask Ethan: What Does The Future Of Science Look Like?
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This 2010 picture of three of the four known exoplanets orbiting HR 8799 represents the first time a telescope so small — less than a full-grown human being — was used to directly image an exoplanet. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Palomar Observatory.What do our future missions in physics, astronomy, astrophysics and more hold?If you went back in time just 30 years, the world as we it was a completely different place. The only planets known were in our own Solar System; we had no conception of dark energy; there were no space telescopes; and gravitational waves were merely an untested theory. We hadn’t discovered all the quarks and leptons, and nobody knew whether the Higgs was real. We didn’t even know how fast the Universe was expanding. At the dawn of 2018, a generation later, we’ve revolutionized all of these fields, including with discoveries we never could have anticipated. What’s coming next? That’s what our Patreon supporter Tomas Wallgren wants to know:I would like to read or hear some on what scientists are planning to do next. What’s in the pipeline, on the drawing board or just an idea up for discussion?On the heels of the American Astronomical Society’s big annual meeting, ...

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