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Ham radio CubeSat launch success

13 Jan 2018, 13:50 UTC
Ham radio CubeSat launch success
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CNUSail-1 Credit KARI-Blog
CubeSats carrying amateur radio payloads were among the 31 satellites successfully launched on January 12 at 0359 UT on an Indian ISRO PSLV rocket.
Two of the CubeSats, Fox-1D and PicSat, carry amateur radio FM transponders, but neither is yet available for general amateur use. The PicSat FM transponder is unusual in that instead of a CTCSS tone it requires a 1750 Hz tone burst to activate it. The 1750 Hz tone burst used to be popular on IARU Region 1 FM repeaters in the 1980s and 90s before the widespread use of CTCSS.
CNUSail-1, built by students at the Chungnam National University in Korea, carries a deployable sail. The students have requested the help of radio amateurs in receiving the 437.100 MHz beacon, further information is available at https://sites.google.com/view/cnuusg
Shankar A65CR/VU2SWG reported coping the Fox-1D satellite voice beacon on the morning pass at 30 deg elevation in Dubai using a TH-F7 with standard rubber duck. YL voice with satellite identifier. Very short burst with fluctuating carrier.
Madhu A65DE also copied Fox-1D from Fujairah, North of Dubai.
AMSAT North America has issued a statement formally designating Fox-1D as AO-92:
Fox-1D, a 1U CubeSat, is the third of ...

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