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Living in a Trek Future with Tritanium

18 Dec 2017, 21:12 UTC
Living in a Trek Future with Tritanium
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Space-age Implants
As most of my readers know, I’m a Star Trek fan. I perform in a fan-based podcast called Outpost: a Star Trek Fan Production, and followed the TV series and movies for years. I have a bunch of Trek-related SF, as well. There’s something that appeals to the geek in me about the whole thing, and has done so since I was a kid.
One of the series’ most endearing traits (other than the great storytelling) has been their use of scientific jargon. The right tech language helps put the story in the right time frames. So, such Trek-talk as “warp speed” and tech like tricorders, dilithium crystals, transporters, and tritanium have entered our lexicon from the shows.
Implanting Tritanium
Tritanium is an interesting one. According to Star Trek: Memory Alpha, tritanium is supposed to be an ultrahard substance used in the construction of ships, stations, and other facilities in the Trekiverse. It sounds so plausible as to be real. And, here on Earth in the 21st century, it turns out tritanium does exist. In fact, I have a piece of it in my body, which makes me part of a trend in bio-engineering applications for healing and ...

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