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Did Earth just get buzzed by an alien starship?

24 Nov 2017, 01:13 UTC
Did Earth just get buzzed by an alien starship?
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If it was one of these then we're all in trouble.To answer the question in the title....No. Well. Almost certainly no.But hang on, I should fill in the back-story here.... the object causing all this fuss is pretty odd. Called 'Oumuamua' it's (we think) an asteroid... although it's probably the weirdest, most scientifically compelling, asteroid we've ever found. Oumuamua was spotted in mid October of 2017. At first it was a fairly unremarkable spot of light: Probably some small, dim comet that no-one had ever picked up on before, was what most astronomers thought. Then they plotted its course backwards, to see where it had originated from: Oumuamua came from outside our solar system - from interstellar space. And, if it came from outside our solar system then it was, originally, a piece of another star system. No-one has ever seen such an object before - a natural interstellar traveller. Computer simulations have tentatively suggested that about one such object should pass through our solar system every year, but to actually spot one was like actually filming a Sasquatch - a mythic beast, captured on film. Above: The course Oumuamua took through our solar system, passing right by Earth. The ...

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