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Book review: “A Galaxy Of Her Own” by Libby Jackson

16 Nov 2017, 21:00 UTC
Book review: “A Galaxy Of Her Own” by Libby Jackson
(200 words excerpt, click title or image to see full post)

When I heard that Libby Jackson – known to many people I think it’s fair to say as “the public face of Tim Peake’s mission to the space station”, but known to many of us in ‘the space community’ as a tireless media commentator, out-reacher and communicator – was writing a book about women who have been into or helped other people get into space, a mental countdown began, the same kind of countdown that ticks and tocks away in my head like a metronome while I wait for a new Star Wars film to be released or a new series of Doctor Who to begin.
Well, I’ve been doing outreach myself (on a much smaller scale than Libby, I don’t kid myself! Haha!) for many years now, since I was knee high to R2D2 in fact, a lot of it in junior schools, and it’s always been something of a personal mission of mine to make sure that the girls in the classes and groups I talked to were left in no doubt that they had the same chance, and the same right, to go into space as the hair-tugging, teasing boys seated around them. I’ve made a ...

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