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Review: Weir focuses on the Moon with ‘Artemis’

14 Nov 2017, 11:00 UTC
Review: Weir focuses on the Moon with ‘Artemis’
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“Artemis” is Weir’s latest book and will follow the whirlwind success of “The Martian”. Image Credit: Nathan Koga / SpaceFlight Insider
Over the course of the past year, public and private officials have altered their focus from Mars to a much closer target – Earth’s Moon. Now, Andy Weir, whose breakout success was based on the adventures of a castaway on the Red Planet, has followed suit with his latest offering – Artemis.
Image Credit: Crown
It would appear that his latest offering has already caught the attention of movie-makers, who helped propel Weir’s The Martian to stellar heights as movie rights for the film have been picked up by 20th Century Fox and New Regency. SpaceFlight Insider wanted to find out more about the book as well as Weir’s efforts and spoke with the author at length about his new book.
SFI: Can you tell us why you started off with a mission to Mars and then decided to go ‘back’, for want of a better word, to the Moon?
Weir: “Sure! Well, The Martian is about exploration and Artemis is about colonization. So, I really think that the first place that we’ll colonize outside of Earth is going ...

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