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AeroTech J1600 SU build (not what it sounds like)

18 Oct 2017, 00:40 UTC
AeroTech J1600 SU build (not what it sounds like)
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There was a recent TRF thread that asked if people save the tubes that motors are packaged in and if they ever built rockets out of them. The answer is, of course, YES! I replied that I had used them on some oddrocs, including my Saturn V SA-666 and SA-667 induction rockets. I also used one such tube (either AeroTech or CTI, I forget) to rebuild a damaged AeroTech Cheetah that I inherited. Perfect match!Well, that thread planted a mind worm and I have started building a rocket out of them. It used three AeroTech 38mm packing tubes and one 29mm tube. These are larger than the size motor that they hold but, for simplicity, I will refer to them that way. The lower body used two of the 38mm tubes and the payload section one 38mm and the 29mm. The couplers, nose section shoulder, and 38mm-29mm spacer were made from sectioned CTI tubes. The nose cone is a damaged hand pumped/launched water rocket. It fits in the 29mm perfectly. The initial sims say it will fly nicely on an F15-4 or -6.Here is the progress to-date:The rocket's name reflects the rough equivalent of the four motors that contributed to ...

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