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Sound In Space: The Song of Jupiter

14 Oct 2017, 22:31 UTC
Sound In Space: The Song of Jupiter
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Above: The chaotic, Shoggoth inspired, swirl of massive storm systems at Jupiter's pole. Courtesy of NASA/JPLThe JUNO space probe has been wowing the Earth as it returns astounding images of the beautiful and titanic weather systems that shroud Jupiter - but there's another side to the exploration of the King of the Giant Planets: Jupiter's song. While space probes cannot pick up the actual sounds in Jupiter's clouds, (due to there being the vacuum of space between them and the planet), their radio antenna can pick up the natural radio transmissions from the giant world's immense magnetic field. So, for the full 'Jupiter experiance' try playing the two videos below - one a high def flyby of Jupier's cloud tops and one a recording of its eerie radio song - at the same time....If you'd like to help us do things like podcasts, animations, and videos here why not...

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