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Photometry log #4: end of campaign

6 Oct 2017, 16:30 UTC
Photometry log #4: end of campaign
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Time has flown so fast! It has been more than a 100! days since we started the photometric follow-up of the three RedDots2017 objects back in mid June. HARPS spectroscopic observations are just over, and the photometric observatories are about to wrap up too! And this is what they report:
Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO)
The observing campaign started the 14th of June of 2017 and has been gathering
data for more than 100 nights. All the three stars were observed each night for 15 minutes continuously with the 40 cm LCO telescopes located in Australia (Siding Spring Observatory), Spain (Tenerife, Teide Observatory) and the United States (Hawaii, Haleakala Observatory). Proxima Centauri was observed from Australia, Barnard’s star was observed from Australia, Spain and USA, while Ross 154 was observed from Australia and USA. Initially, we had the intention of using also a telescope in Chile (Cerro Tololo Observatory), but eventually it was used by LCO to track satellites and could not participate in the Red Dots campaign.
Figure 1. Percentage of observed and lost nights with LCO for the three Red Dots 2017 targets: Proxima Centauri, Barnard’s star and Ross 154.
Proxima Centauri was observed for a total 97 nights ...

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