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A Planetary Scientist and Her Box of Pre-Solar Grains

1 Oct 2017, 08:39 UTC
A Planetary Scientist and Her Box of Pre-Solar Grains
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Scientist Kuljeet Kaur is working on ‘experimental indirect astronomy’, which is one of the few ways to study the cosmos without telescopes.
Kuljeet Kaur. Credit: Author provided
A rickshaw dropped me just outside the PRL scientists’ quarters. I entered my details in the security register and began searching for Kuljeet’s flat. When I found it, I realised I was perhaps a bit early. Her living room lay happily scattered with her six-year-old daughter Esha’s toys and stickers. The fragrance of freshly-made parathas filled the room. Though she wasn’t prepared, Kuljeet welcomed me warmly into her home. I watched her very patiently negotiate a few hours of quiet with her young child in exchange for some tablet time so we could do the interview.
Credit: Author provided
“It hasn’t been easy for me since I’m alone,” she said strongly, looking at me straight in the eye. Kuljeet describes the early years of her job at PRL as a divorcee and single parent the toughest time in her life. Though she has since remarried, she is still awaiting the day the new family can start their life together.
Even scientifically, Kuljeet lacks peers in the country. She said she is the only ...

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