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Life on the Asteroid Frontier

Ready for the Earth Gravity Assist!

21 Sep 2017, 19:19 UTC
Ready for the Earth Gravity Assist!
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It is hard to believe that OSIRIS-REx has been in space for over one year. We celebrated the first anniversary of our launch on September 8, 2017. I celebrated this milestone by visiting my hometown Boys and Girls Club in Phoenix, AZ, where I grew up. As the plaque in this image shows, I was inducted into the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Alumni Hall of Fame this year. This honor was unexpected and humbling. I look forward to working with this great organization to continue to inspire the next generation to study science and space!
I celebrated the one-year anniversary with the science superstars at the Rosenzweig branch of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix
The team has worked very hard during this period to check out the spacecraft and prepare for our first big event of the mission – the Earth Gravity Assist (EGA)! After launch, the spacecraft was on a one-year Earth-to-Earth trajectory. The spacecraft approached to within 0.17 AU of the Sun-Earth L4 Lagrangian point on February 16, 2017. We used this opportunity to perform some science and give the team practice operating the science instruments. On ten days between February 9 and ...

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