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Hi-Res SkySat Imagery Available Via Planet API

20 Sep 2017, 17:15 UTC
Hi-Res SkySat Imagery Available Via  Planet API
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Since our acquisition of Terra Bella, and the SkySat constellation of seven satellites, we’ve been focused on making this high resolution data accessible and available via our cloud-based data infrastructure. After four months of heavy lifting from our spacecraft, data pipeline and product teams, we’re pleased to announce that sub one-meter, high-resolution imagery is now accessible and available through the Planet API.
The unique capabilities of the SkySat allow us to offer a range of new hi-res products to the market. All SkySats collect imagery with sub-meter resolution (.8 meter GSD), in the Blue, Green, Red, Near Infrared, and Panchromatic bands. Due to their unique push-frame architecture, SkySats can also capture of full motion video, with frame rates as high as 50hz and durations longer than 2 minutes.

A Skysat captures video of Kaaba in Mecca
Task Collections
With access to our medium resolution Planetscope data and high-resolution Skysat data, customers can apply “tip and cue”methods, scanning for change in medium-res data, and using high-resolution SkySats to get a closer look.
Whether you want to perform targeted high-resolution collects, or image wide areas for mapping purposes, we can configure the SkySat constellation collections to suit your needs. Once a tasking ...

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