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Launch Report 2017-8 (NARHAMS)

16 Sep 2017, 22:14 UTC
Launch Report 2017-8  (NARHAMS)
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Location: Old National Pike Park, Mt. AiryWeather: wind <3, 81 degrees, sunny to partly cloudyTotal flights: Today - 11; YTD - 41Total motors: Today - 11; YTD - 48Motors by class YTD: A-2; B-3; C-19; D-4; E-6; F-7; G-6; I-1 Another near perfect launch day! The weather, most notably the wind, was great. I even ditched the Chute release on a few flights. It was dead calm a lot of the time! The crowd was smallish since there was a competing regional launch at Great Meadow. Night launchers began to arrive at about 4PM so the crowd was building. I look forward to the night launch photos.Here are my flights, in no particular order:Upscale Cluster Bomb on a G64-6 - CR@300' - Well, the large 'chute protector snarled the parachute. It would try to open and then would collapse. It fell safely and only damaged one fin.Centaurus on an F59-6 - CR@200' - Nice flight but there was a nose cone impact. I didn't see the ejection event. One of the side fin spars broke off and was lost. A trip to Hobby Lobby is in order.Fett Boy on an F59-6 - The delay estimate was way off and it ...

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