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Virgin Orbit Signs Launch Contract with SpaceBelt

13 Sep 2017, 07:41 UTC
Virgin Orbit Signs Launch Contract with SpaceBelt
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PARIS (Virgin Orbit PR) — Virgin Orbit announced today that commercial satellite developer Cloud Constellation Corporation has selected the LauncherOne service for deployment of the SpaceBelt™ constellation of space-based cloud storage data centers.
In an agreement signed by executives from the two firms at the World Satellite Business Week event in Paris, Cloud Constellation selected Virgin Orbit as its launch partner for a dozen satellites that will become the communications backbone of the SpaceBelt system.
SpaceBelt will provide a truly secure and global data storage network based in space. Users of the system will be able to transport and/or store large blocks of data quickly and securely without exposure to any terrestrial communications infrastructure, protecting their critical data from unauthorized access while supporting global communications at reduced latency of today’s multi-hop networks.
The initial deployment of the SpaceBelt network will be powered by a dozen ~400 kilogram satellites placed into low inclination orbits. Taking full advantage of LauncherOne as a dedicated launch service for small satellites and as a uniquely flexible service enabled by air-launch, the SpaceBelt constellation will be deployed using single-manifested launches occurring in rapid sequence. The initial launch is expected to occur as early as 2019.
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