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Mercury Redstoned flight report

21 Aug 2017, 13:09 UTC
Mercury Redstoned flight report
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If you read yesterday's launch report, you'd know that this canted-motor, rear-ejection oddroc flew successfully. It looks like adding a lug at the same station as the motors did the trick. This is one thing that all my other forward motor oddrocs have in common. Someone at the launch pointed out that having the lug(s) on standoffs could have exacerbated the binding that doomed the first flight. I had considered removing the standoff since it isn't needed with the replacement cone. However, since it is mostly white foam, I thought there was a chance a third cone might be required. And who knows what that might have been.I slowed down the movie as much as Widows' Movie Maker would allow. I didn't capture the ejection event because I lost it in the Sun. It recovered successfully, and that's all that counts in that regard.

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