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The quantum properties of non-point particles

12 Aug 2017, 14:43 UTC
The quantum properties of non-point particles
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Quantum theory: it’s unreal

We know that everything in the universe including particles have physical size.
Even so for the past 50 years, the Standard Model of particle physics which many say has given us the most complete mathematical description of the particles and forces that shape our world ignores this fact and treats them all as size less dimensionless mathematical points.
Many physicists feel this way because it predicts with so much accuracy the microscopic properties of particles and the macroscopic ones of stars and galaxies that it must be a correct physical model that even though as was just mentioned it treats all particles and their interactions not in term of their physical size but in terms of mathematic points.
However in 1924 Louis de Broglie’s showed that it cannot be when he theorized that all particle’s have a wave component and that one must take this into account when one defines how they interact with their environments. This fact becomes irrefutable when his theory was experimentally verified 1927 by Davisson and Germer when they observed that electrons were diffracted by crystals. In other words one must take into consideration the physical size of a particle ...

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