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‘Salvation’ on CBS: Discussion Part 2

7 Aug 2017, 14:38 UTC
‘Salvation’ on CBS: Discussion Part 2
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Mark Boslough (ADXP chair), Rusty Schweickart (Apollo 9 astronaut and Asteroid Day co-founder), and Pol Felten (Asteroid Day Communications Manager) continue a conversation about about Salvation.
Mark: The latest plot twists give us plenty to talk about after week 4. Since we’re not Siskel and Ebert, let’s leave it to others to critique the writing, characters, acting, and so forth. I want us stay in our comfort zone and just talk about the science and technology of planetary defense as we did last time. What parts of the storyline struck you as realistic and unrealistic from that perspective?
Pol: I only really saw one aspect worth elaborating on, when they were talking about breaking the asteroid apart into smaller fragments using the kinetic impactor. You already mentioned in our previous post that the Io probe probably wouldn’t have the mass to actually break a massive asteroid apart. But assuming it would manage to do so, are there any legal considerations following such a break up?
Mark: That’s a good question. There are as many legal systems as there are countries, and there are both civil and criminal laws. Most of us understand the concept of “if you break it, you ...

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