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The Generation Game

3 Aug 2017, 21:29 UTC
The Generation Game
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Title: Young LMC clusters: the role of red supergiants and multiple stellar populations in their integrated light and CMDsAuthors: Randa S. Asa’d, Alexandre Vazdekis, Miguel Cervi ̃no, Noelia E. D. No ̈el, Michael A. Beasley, Mahmoud KassabFirst Author’s Institution: American University of Sharjah, UAEStatus: Accepted for publication in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, open access
An introduction to globular clustersStars are a sociable bunch, by and large. They don’t like to be alone: some hang out in pairs, or sometimes in small groups of three or four. Others still are extreme extroverts, keeping company with hundreds of thousands of other stars, for example in densely packed globular clusters (GCs) – see figure 1 for an example.This isn’t be the first article on star clusters to feature on astrobites – and you can be pretty sure it won’t be the last. After all, we’ve been studying them since the seventeenth century and people are still publishing papers about them!Figure 1. The globular cluster M80 – hundreds of thousands of stars bound together by gravity, 28000 light-years from Earth. (credit: Hubble Heritage Team)So what makes GCs interesting? Well, historically they have been billed as windows into star formation. The ...

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