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Red Dots

Red Dots – VLOG 2

31 Jul 2017, 17:30 UTC
Red Dots – VLOG 2
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Tune in to the second VLOG in our series following the events of the Red Dots campaign – and find out what has happened over the course of the past 2 weeks.

Come back in a fortnight for your next video update.
Useful Links:
Data Release 1: www.reddots.space/proxima-centauri-harps-data-release-1
Differential Photometry in Practice: www.reddots.space/differential-photometry-in-practice
Arecibo Observatory Joins Red Dots Today: www.reddots.space/arecibo-observatory-joins-red-dots-today-for-simultaneous-observations-of-barnards-star/
Pro-Am Follow-up Volunteer Instructions: www.reddots.space/aavso-tools-tutorials-for-contributors
Dreaming Peter van de Kamp’s Dream: www.reddots.space/dreaming-peter-van-de-kamps-dream

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