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Photometry log #2: 6 weeks of observations

28 Jul 2017, 12:15 UTC
Photometry log #2: 6 weeks of observations
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It has been six weeks since we started the photometric follow-up campaign and here there are some updates and exciting plots from observatories involved:
SPACE Observatory
Check a strong flare caught in action! It was detected in Ross 154 during the night of July, 12th using the ASH2 telescope at SPACE Observatory in Chile. Figure 1 shows the luminosity variations in V and R filters as magnitude differences relative to the main check stars. For comparison, the light curves corresponding to the nights 11/Jul and 13/Jul are also displayed. As can be seen, the night of July 12th was very active for Ross 154, the luminosity level being larger than during the other two nights. We can also see that the energy released during the flare is much larger in the V band (ΔV=0.84 mag) than in R (ΔR=0.45 mag). The rising branch is also much faster than the decreasing one (5 min versus more than 40 min). The figure also shows some humps (plotted as black arrows) which occurred during the descending light curve.
Figure 1. Differential light curves taken at ASH2, of Ross 154 (also known as GJ 729) in V and R filters. A large flare of ...

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