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Best Ways to View the Solar Eclipse

16 Jul 2017, 15:12 UTC
Best Ways to View the Solar Eclipse
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Millions of people will soon travel to a narrow strip in America to witness a rare event: a total solar eclipse. On 21 August, many will look up to the sky to witness this phenomenon – will you be one of them? In the following shortened excerpt from Totality – The Great America Eclipses of 2017 and 2024, learn what types of eyewear you should be using to watch the Sun disappear, when you can do away with eye protection completely, and other ways to best view this event.

You would never think of staring at the Sun without eye protection on an ordinary day. You know the disk of the Sun is dazzlingly bright, enough to permanently damage your eyes. Likewise, any time the disk of the Sun is visible – throughout the partial phase of an eclipse – you need proper eye protection. Even when the Sun is nearing total eclipse, when only a thin crescent of the Sun remains, the 1% of the Sun’s surface still visible is about 10,000 times brighter than the Full Moon.

Once the Sun is entirely eclipsed, however, its bright surface is hidden from view and it is completely safe to look ...

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