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Proxima Centauri HARPS data release #1

14 Jul 2017, 15:14 UTC
Proxima Centauri HARPS data release #1
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The first spectra obtained by HARPS are now publicly available in https://reddots.space/data/
We planned a earlier releases, but weather conditions were not great. So far, we have collected 10 out of 22 possible epochs, which is not a great success rate. The data is organised as follows
In ‘Proxima/timeseries’, you will find the latest radial velocity measurements and the ‘historical’ data sets used in last year’s paper. They are provide as ‘night’ averages for simplicity. If you have never worked with time-series before, software packages such as Systemic should make your life easier. Check the community tools here available https://reddots.space/toolkit/
The files are regular text (ASCII files) and can be imported to analysis and plotting tools such as Excel, LibreOffice, gnuplot, etc.
The new data is showing interesting features when combined with previous ones. To avoid biasing you and our colleagues, we will refrain ourselves from commenting for now!
Radial velocities from Proxima Centauri as obtained by HARPS on 2016 (Pale Red Dot campaign). The blue line is the best fit model to two signals; Proxima b’s one and some longer term variability of (yet) unclear origin.
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