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Red Dots

Photometry log #1: firsts observations

7 Jul 2017, 15:50 UTC
Photometry log #1: firsts observations
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Here is our very first report on the progress of the simultaneous photometric campaign. The weather has been quite merciful and we have observed in all about an 80% of the scheduled time. The photometric observations will help us to interpret the Doppler signals coming from HARPS spectra.
This is what the observers have reported so far:
The RedDots campaign started on June 18th at ASH2 (Chile) and has been quite successful up to now! We have only lost 3 nights out of 16 nights due to cloudy weather.
The photometric monitoring for the three targets, Prox Cen, Barnard’s star and Ross 154, is being carried out using two broad-band filters (V,R) for Prox Cen and Ross 154, and three narrow-band filters (OIII, SII and H-alpha) for Barnard’s.
One epoch of data is obtained every night for each star. This commonly consists of about 30 measurements in each filter for Prox Cen (that accounts for, approximately, 70 min of data collection), 30 measurements in each filter for Ross 154 (60 min approx.) and 15 measurements in each filter for Barnard (40 min approx.).
Previously, a pre-campaign was already carried out to test and characterise the photometric variability of Ross ...

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