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Asteroids and Inclusivity in Chile

7 Jul 2017, 11:08 UTC
Asteroids and Inclusivity in Chile
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Yesterday, the news of a special Asteroid Day event by the Diego Portales University‘s (Universidad Diego Portales) Astronomy Hub reached us here at Asteroid Day HQ. The faculty – promoting inclusivity for a while already – organised an inclusive talk and workshop at the university aimed specifically at children with visual impairment.
Inclusivity as an inspiration for other regional events
The event took place at a school for blind people on the 30th June with about 30 participants. The goal was not only to educate people about asteroids, but also to raise awareness for the need of inclusive education and didactic teaching methods for astronomy.
The organisers used tactile models as main teaching tool and incorporated sounds in creative ways to appeal to the visually impaired kids’ other senses. Thus, they managed to simulate both the formation and impacts of near-earth asteroids. Using this highly interactive approach, the activity succeeded in conveying a taste for astronomy to the participants.
With tactile learning as a central piece of the workshop, children could touch a real meteorite (using gloves to protect it from their hands’ moisture). Eliana Medina, the head of the school made clear that such inclusive experiences help her students’ ...

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