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Comets & Asteroids - Summary for April 2017

28 Jun 2017, 17:10 UTC
Comets & Asteroids - Summary for April 2017
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During the month of April 2017, 7 new comets were discovered. "Current comet magnitudes" & "Daily updated asteroid flybys" pages are available at the top of this blog (or just click on the underline text here). See below for the "Other news" section.The dates below refer to the date of issuance of CBET (Central Bureau Electronic Telegram) which reported the official news & designations.- Comet DiscoveriesApr 02 Discovery of C/2017 D5 (PANSTARRS)Apr 02 Discovery of C/2017 E5 (LEMMON)Apr 02 Discovery of C/2017 F1 (LEMMON)Apr 06 Discovery of C/2017 F2 (PANSTARRS)Apr 06 Discovery of P/2017 G1 (PANSTARRS)Apr 21 Discovery of P/2017 G2 (PANSTARRS)Apr 21 Discovery of C/2017 G3 (PANSTARRS)- Other news Apr 04 More #Rosetta #OpenAccess papers in special issue of Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.Apr 06 New extreme TNO, 2013 SY99, from @OSSOSurvey: a=730±40 au, q=50.0 au, i=4.2°, e=0.93, H=6.8. Credit: Michele BannisterApr 14 Closest images ever taken of Saturn's moon, Atlas, imaged on April 12, 2017, by @CassiniSaturnCredit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science InstituteApr 18 New paper on Arxiv by Julio A. Fernández et al.: "Physical and dynamical properties of the anomalous comet 249P/LINEAR"Apr 20 Radar images of 2014 JO25 from @NAICobservatory reveal shadows, possible boulders, and more on this ...

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